Observe Your Miner Status In A Better Way

Set up your own cryptocurrencies mining farm and observe all the details at any moment and manage it. You can share it with everyone you want.

Great Features

working with notiminer that can monitor your cryptocurrency mining farm same as Hash rate, temperature, revenue and etc.

Real Time Update

You can observe your Miner status same as Hash rate, Fan Speed and etc every 10 second.

Change Configuration

change everything in your miners configuration. You just need a moment for do it.

Cloud Data

We save your Farm data for 3 months on our servers, So you don't miss anything.

Easy To Use

Notiminer is so friendly. You can easily install and lunch that on your farm. Just a minutes.

Time Base Reports

All data are stored in specific time, so you can call data in any given period of time.

safe and secure

All our servers are stored in the safest data center in Iran with the latest security standards.

Great Mining Farm Analytics With Real Time Data

The data of the farm is sent to us every 15 seconds, and we will display it in different graphs without any changes. In critical situations, a warning will be sent to you via e - mail and text messaging, depending on the need of the farm.

  • Display the moment of Data to you
  • Quick data processing and response

Get Notified About Importent Occurrence

We 're going to put you in a 24/7 event in all that's going on. this information is done in different ways. You can have your own set of settings for each subject. Everything is in your hands.

  • Free notification via email and Notiminer App
  • Send a text message while not accessing the internet

Whats Our Clients Said About Notiminer system

Start working with Notiminer that can provide everything you need to know about your Farm, Miners and Customers.